Group counseling

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Group counseling offers people a unique experience, like traditional individual counseling, it has a specific function. It gives you the opportunity to immediately connect with other people who are experiencing similar life circumstances, whether its a post partum group of new mothers, or a group of people who experience anxiety or depression issues. You are able to share your experiences and hear about the experiences of others in a supportive environment.   

At Prairie Wellness, our groups generally consist of about 5-8 individuals meeting face-to-face with one of our licensed counselors.  During the group meeting time, members talk about what is troubling them.    Members are encouraged to give feedback to others and interaction between group members is highly encouraged. It provides each person an opportunity for learning more about the way they interact with others. Feedback includes expressing your own feelings about what someone says or does. The staff of Prairie Wellness will be there with you every step of the way, providing direction and helping to process the interactions among members.​

We have offered various groups in the past, with or without fitness components:

Expectant Moms: pressures, expectations, changes in body and emotions 

New Moms: post partum, new baby issues

Anxiety Group: addressing excessive worry, uncertainty and general anxiety

Depression Group: using exercise as a supplement to individual counseling 

Parenting Group: support for parents who need support with managing their children's behaviors

Please call or email for more information on when the next session starts.