We respect the unique qualities of each family. We understand that each family is special and maybe even quirky. We also understand that family is important, no matter how you define "family." 

At Prairie Wellness, we have experience dealing with families struggling through many types of difficulties. From trust issues between family members, to kids that don't seem to listen. We can support you in reuniting your family, supporting each family member, and helping to improve the quality of life for all members in the home.

Family counseling can be helpful and is generally used to address problems within the dynamic of a family. Therapy for families is often shorter term than individual or relationship counseling.

We work with many different family dynamics to help with:

  • school difficulties

  • divorce

  • addiction and it effects on the family

  • parenting skills

  • anger management and conflict resolution

  • grief and loss

  • families with children and adolescents

  • teens and the complexities involved in parenting

  • caregiving issues

  • learning disorders

  • school phobia 

  • blended and stepfamily challenges

  • co-parenting, single parenting and visitation

  • parent-child relationships throughout the course of life

  • families of the chronically mentally ill

  • discipline issues and differences

  • elder care concerns

  • child and adolescent aggression

  • job loss or retirement

  • cultural and multicultural issues

  • single parent difficulties

Contact us today. We want to help you work toward a healthy family. 

Family counseling

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