Couples counseling

Does it sometimes seem like you and your significant other are stuck in the same argument over and over? Whether its money, children, jobs, daily routines, blended families or intimacy difficulties. The counselors at Prairie Wellness can help you to open the lines of communication, change the cycle, work through the problems and define the underlying cause of the difficulties that arise in most relationships from time to time. 

Couples have conflict and relationships can be draining at times. However, a discussion with a counselor can start you down the path to improving the emotional investment in a relationship. 

We have extensive experience with many relationship issues including:

  • intimacy and trust-building
  • communication skills
  • effective listening and expression of feelings, so all parties feel heard
  • money stresses
  • sexual concerns
  • infertility and family planning
  • infidelity 
  • feelings of anger and betrayal
  • problems with children
  • issues arising from previous relationships and blended family issues 
  • spiritual or religious differences
  • stress due to lack of time for the relationship   

Contact us today to talk with a counselor about starting down the path to an improved relationship. 

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